The Short North Pint House & Beer Garden is an American style bar and restaurant located in the heart of the Short North Arts District.


The owners of the Short North Pint House enlisted us to develop a marketing campaign for their grand opening. The goal was to generate buzz, acquire fans for their social media profiles and ensure a full house on the big day. We had 12 days to plan and execute our marketing strategy.


We combined aspects of social media, search and video production into one comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

First, we determined graphic design and promotional concepts to generate excitement without giving away too many details about the bar itself. Next, we established their Facebook page and created an event page for the grand opening. We then employed a combination of paid, organic and viral marketing to drive traffic to their page. For Twitter and Instagram, we took a strictly organic approach to acquisition. After creating their profiles, we built connections with Columbus influencers to leverage their networks for an initial push. Coupling this with a provocative “countdown” campaign, we promoted engagement through frequent daily interactions. We also used these platforms to drive traffic to the Facebook event page.

Our search strategy encompassed a PPC campaign. We conducted market research to determine the keywords that would best reach their target audience. We built our AdWords campaign around these terms. The ads were used to drive traffic to their website and to the Facebook event page. Our video team produced 2 teaser videos to complement our marketing efforts. We disseminated the video ads through search and social media channels, utilizing both paid and organic means.


Over the course of our 12 day campaign, we generated 126,514 impressions on Facebook and acquired 1,586 likes for the Pint House page. In addition, we totaled 778 users ‘attending’ on the Facebook event. For Twitter and Instagram, we built a strong network of Columbus users and acquired 200+ followers for each profile.  Our social campaign also helped to build relationships with local breweries, radio stations, magazines and influencers.

Through search, we generated 38,160 impressions and achieved an effective use of our ad budget.

The Pint House opened to a full house and received extensive media coverage in local Columbus press platforms. Many of the relationships built through our social campaign are still resulting in packed evenings and weekends at the bar.