The Eco Plumbers is a global-thinking, full-service plumbing company that focuses on sustainability and craftsmanship in both materials and installation.


The Eco Plumbers goal was to grow their brand online and generate more phone calls and contact form leads. Most companies who start building their brand online, Eco Plumbers didn’t rank very well for their main keywords. The plumbing industry is a very popular industry for SEO. There is high competition to be the top plumber on search engines, and SEO companies will do whatever it takes to rank their clients on page 1. Some common tactics seen are exact match domain names (Example:plumberscolumbusohio.com), link spamming and other misguided efforts that are unfortunately considered “SEO.” Although these tactics can sometimes work temporarily, it is not the best way to grow a trusted and respected brand, and Google will eventually devalue those efforts.


Like the Eco Plumbers name suggests, we focused on an organic and natural approach to their search engine marketing efforts. We developed content for their blog that focused on eco-friendly products and plumbing related tips and news. Through those efforts and local SEO, we were able to help Eco Plumbers move up in rankings and in traffic. Like any good search engine marketing campaign, we launched a PPC strategy for the Eco Plumbers which focused on driving phone call and contact form leads. The PPC strategy was extremely geography specific and targeted regions that Eco Plumbers identified as their target areas.


In a 1 year timeframe, we were able to increase Eco Plumbers organic search engine traffic by 60%. The Eco Plumbers saw a 176% increase in traffic for their target market Columbus. Our organic strategy was able to increase the number of contact form leads by 52%. We were able to accomplish the increase in leads and traffic by improving the number of page 1 rankings for Eco Plumbers target keywords. Eco Plumbers now ranks on page 1 for 16 of their targeted keywords, which is much improved over the 5 they were originally ranking for.

Initially, Eco Plumbers PPC campaign was targeting general keywords and wasn’t geo targeted towards their audience. Because of this, they were not getting many leads from their PPC efforts. Once The Social Firm’s search marketing team took over the account, we worked quickly to optimize the keywords and geo targeting. Through these efforts, we were able to improve the click-through rate (CTR) by 72% and increase the number of leads generated by PPC to 300%.