The Beauty Salon Suites company is a national chain of salons where stylists can rent their own loft space where they get all the benefits of owning a loft but supported by a large community. They have about 50 locations in 9 states and are in a period of rapid growth and expansion.


Beauty Salon Suites wanted to raise awareness about the simplicity and instantaneous gratification of consumers booking an appointment while getting informative details about each stylist to find their style and needs. The Beauty Salon Suites ultimately wanted consumers to visit their website and book an appointment  for a hair, skin, nails, massage through their online system with ease and at their convenience. The goal was to drive conversions (5-6 per day) for appointments being booked.


For this campaign, The Social Firm ran a series of social media website conversions ads to drive traffic from social platforms to strategic pages on the brand’s website. Ultimately, the goal was for the user to book an appointment for a service with a beauty specialist or stylist. Each ad was targeted to a different market in the brand’s location areas, and focused on a central theme. Through Facebook advertising we ran mobile and desktop conversion website ads to drive awareness and visitors to their website. In addition to enhanced targeting through multiple ad variations for multiple markets, we added tracking pixels to the ad sets which allowed us to track conversions for booking an appointment from the ads to the thank you for booking your appointment page.


Through The Social Firm’s efforts, this one  month campaign (June 5, 2016 – June 30, 2015) surpassed our goal by achieving 7 conversions per day.  

  • Total Campaign Spend: $907.46
  • Total Impressions: 319,216
  • Total Conversions: 177 (avg. 7.08 per day)
  • Total Clicks: 1,325
  • Average Cost per Conversion: $12.00

Through PPC Marketing, we were able to increase new customers by 39% and loft owner contacts by 6%.

During this time, we were able to keep the cost per conversion to $17 for new customers, well below our goal.

Through organic SEO, we have seen a growth in new customers scheduled by 36% and new loft owner leads by 18%.