American Ear Hearing & Audiology specializes in hearing solutions for patients with hearing loss through hearing tests, visual ear scans and custom fittings for hearing aids.


American Ear Hearing & Audiology wanted to develop a consistent social voice to raise awareness about hearing loss and to build strong relationships in the digital space to position themselves as an authority in the field.


The Social Firm spent time developing smart, meaningful content, images and video based on the social media use and engagement patterns of the target audience — seniors, hearing-impaired patients and advocacy groups. Content included unique branded image for social media and a video series to strengthen our digital marketing campaigns and support lead generation and brand recognition.

Our search strategy encompassed a PPC campaign. We conducted market research to determine the keywords that would best reach their target audience. We built our AdWords campaign around these terms. The ads were used to drive traffic to their website and to the Facebook event page. Our video team produced 2 teaser videos to complement our marketing efforts. We disseminated the video ads through search and social media channels, utilizing both paid and organic means.


The Social Firm produced 5 videos for American Ear Hearing & Audiology and several image assets to complement their social media campaign. These assets helped increase social engagement and performance, as well as enhance brand awareness.