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Email Marketing

Email marketing has evolved greatly, and 73% of marketers agree that it is core to their business. It’s important for brands to adapt to the changing landscape to produce email campaigns that resonate well with their target audiences and impact ROI.
Successful email marketing campaigns connect you with your customers, build loyalty and trust, help you target new markets and promote your business in a  cost-effective way. With email marketing, you can easily measure and track your efforts and adjust your strategy accordingly. Measurable results like click through rates, un-subscribers and conversion rates can give you important insight into how your email marketing campaigns are stacking up and if you are reaching your customers in a meaningful way.
The Social Firm offers a strategic approach to email marketing that can help you create and deliver personalized, targeted email messages that reach your subscribers in a timely and relevant way. The email marketing campaigns we produce are thoughtfully designed, interactive and carefully targeted.

We understand the importance of creating a strong email campaign and ensure the following:

  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile-friendly Layout
  • Organized Contact List Management
  • Quality Control
  • Social Media Integration

Through real-time reports that track and analyze email performance, our team can help you implement an email marketing campaign that works.

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