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Organic SEO

At The Social Firm, we understand how search engines work and can help you elevate your web presence to the first page of major search engines where it should be. Organic search engine placement is based on your website design, user experience, keyword relevancy, links and hundreds of other factors.

Better organic placement results in more free traffic from the search engines, and subsequently, targeted leads for your business. Awarded by clients and Consumers’ Choice Awards as the best SEO company in Columbus, Ohio, we believe that we can help you achieve your organic SEO goals.

Conversion Tracking and Optimization

It’s difficult to define profitability through organic SEO without proper tracking in place. We set up call tracking numbers and other tracking codes throughout the website to identify the source of the lead and their conversion path.

The pages your traffic lands on from organic search results need to speak exactly to their pain points if you expect them to convert by making a purchase, calling your business or completing a contact form, etc. We work with you to develop optimized landing pages that convert and report back to you on the profitability and success of our organic SEO strategy.


Every day, consumers in your local area are online searching for products and services, and your organization needs to be where those individuals and businesses can find you the fastest. Local search engine optimization offers the convenient opportunity to precisely target what people are searching for and where they are looking.

Calling on the assistance of our Search Team at The Social Firm will get your business on the map and ensure that it has desirable, high-ranking listings.

Content Development

Today more than ever, quality content is critical in driving ROI.

At The Social Firm, we understand how search engines work and have an experienced staff of writers who serve as connectors between brand, audience and search engine. Our Content Development and Copywriting Team works directly with our Graphic Design and Search departments to provide our clients with a content development strategy that sets them apart from competitors.

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