You Have An Excellent Reputation – Now What?

By August 25, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Reputation

You work hard to provide your customers with the best goods and services out there, so make it easy for them to share their positive experiences, too. When a friend recommends your company to someone else, that person is automatically more likely to trust the opinion of their friend and use the same services. The same goes for the internet, too—people take into account customer reviews, both good and bad. To make your company stand out in a positive light, encourage others to spread the word with these tips.


Offer incentives

Who doesn’t love discounts or free things? A simple way to encourage customers to write reviews is to offer discounts on future services, free bonus items or cash back. These types of incentives will help make you a memorable company and strengthen your relationship with the customer, reminding them that they are important to your business.


Links on your website

Building links and pages right into your website for reviews is a quick and easy way for customers to leave feedback. Make the button to the review page stand out so customers know where to go, and list other positive reviews on the site as well so others can see the amount of satisfaction with your goods and services.


Personal follow-up

This may seem like an outdated approach, but a little personal interaction can go a long way. Let the customer know how pleased you are that they chose your company to do business with. This can be done over the phone, or even over email. While thanking them, ask them to review your business so they can help others choose the company as well. This personal approach will never go out of style.


Social media

What better way to interact with customers than on social media? Now, don’t go begging your followers for reviews (that’s just tacky), but rather, put the option out there on your social channels. Include links to sites that list reviews for your company and establish positive interactions with customers. Be engaging and use social media to mention feedback you receive to get the ball rolling with others. Social media is a great influencer among friends, so if someone mentions you positively on Twitter, for instance, their followers are likely to notice and will probably be giving you a call soon.


The best way to gauge how great of a job you’re doing is by looking at your reviews. Encourage others to leave feedback and make it an easy process—you’ll be more likely to see the results you want if leaving reviews is simple. How have you had success in receiving customer feedback? Tweet at us or leave us a comment below!