Utilizing Facebook Insights

By February 17, 2015 February 22nd, 2019 Social Media
Utilizing Facebook Insights by The Social Firm

With a variety of analytics tools out there, digital marketers can really measure their efforts in a tangible way—understanding effective practices, metrics and audience behaviors. If you aren’t currently using analytics tools to your advantage, it’s time to get in the loop on the type of information that’s available to you and how you can use that information to improve your results. This quick recap of Facebook Insights will help you make sense of the different analytics features available on this channel.

Facebook Analytics by The Social Firm

Facebook Insights is located in the top left menu of your business page. Using these analytics, you can monitor Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts and People to really understand how your efforts are stacking up.

Likes: Analyzes who has liked your page and when. It also shows where your likes are coming from and whether they are organic or paid. Tip: Using this information, you can draw analysis between things like how content may have impacted an increase or decrease in likes and what type of content may be leading to organic likes.

Reach: Shows the number of people your posts were served to both organically and with paid advertising. Tip: Use this information to understand the total number of people served by activity from your page through posts, mentions and check-ins, as well as any negative feedback, such as hidden posts, unlikes and reports as Spam your page is receiving. 

Visits: Shows how your Facebook tabs are being viewed (including your photos tab, likes tab, info tab and others.) Tip: You can also use this feature to understand external referrers to your Facebook page, such as traffic coming from your website or other sources to help you connect the dots between your cross-marketing efforts. 

Posts: Shows days and times your audience is online, how different post types (links vs. photos vs. statuses) are performing and how organic and paid factors in. Tip: This feature is really useful in understanding when to share your posts and what type of content is working best. Use your published post section to see which pieces of content have gained the most reach and engagement and consider those patterns when formulating a content plan.

People: Analyses your fans, people reached by your posts and people who have engaged with your content. Tip: Understanding your audience is the first step in determining how your brand will “speak” online. It is important to understand the people who are following your page (men vs. women) where they are (location) the number of people your posts were served to and how those people liked, commented on or shared your posts.

Tailored Approach to Social Media Marketing

Facebook Insights is an invaluable tool for every step in your social media marketing strategy. There is no better way to understand who your audience is and the ways they prefer to receive information from your brand. Arming your strategy with this information will help you tailor your approach and reach your audience in a way that impacts them and your overall results.


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