The Best Content is Shareable Content

By May 16, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Social Media


User-generated content consists of writing, images, and other media an unpaid person posts to a website. This content appears in an array of contexts and may include blogs, social media posts, reviews and forums. When user-generated content makes a positive reference to a brand, that brand essentially receives free marketing and endorsement. Some of today’s best known organizations, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have relied on user-generated content to make them billions. Here are ten reasons that further explain why all businesses should strive for an increase in user-generated support.

1.      Defines the target audience. Utilizing user-generated content helps to get a better understanding of the target audience. You can learn more about what products and services they are looking for as well as any complaints they may have. Address these complaints or issues to provide customers with a superior product that takes user suggestions into consideration.


2.      Increases the level of engagement. Posts, clicks, likes and shares, all referring to your business, will increase once user-generated content begins to grow.


3.      Makes customers happy. People flock towards user-generated content. Just consider all the user-generated content found on Facebook and Twitter. People enjoy freely exchanging ideas and information, and your company can benefit from letting them do so.


4.      Build a sense of unity. Create a forum or discussion area on your website. These will encourage users to discuss anything and everything regarding your company, helping to spread brand awareness.


5.      Keeps costumers on websites. When users are busy writing reviews or participating in discussions, they will spend a longer amount of time lingering on your site. They may even browse through new products or service offerings and make a few purchases. This is an example of how user-generated content leads to direct sales.


6.      Aids in SEO. The more user-generated content there is, the more likely a company is to pop up at the top of search engine results. This ensures businesses will be readily associated with important key words and ideas related to its products and services.


7.      Expands social media marketing. The majority of user-generated content is written on social media websites. Promote successful marketing for your business by including social media profiles where users can write their own content.


8.      Builds trust. Consumers trust user-generated content more than any other content available on the web. Looking at the amount of ratings and reviews available for countless products, services and locations proves this point. Create a brand people can trust by letting users rate your business and describe their individual experiences.


9.      It’s free. Small start-ups may not have the big marketing budget that allows for a specialist to craft intricate marketing plans while designing colorful commercial displays. Fortunately, user-generated content will create countless leads and save big money; after all, the user is contributing for free!


10.  Turns profit. Facebook recently announced an astounding 5 billion dollars in profit based off of user-generated content alone. Incorporate this lucrative strategy to create a business people admire while making money.