The App to Share Your Rap

By July 1, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Just For Fun


Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you were a singer, entertainer or even a rapper? I have.


Although I will never be talented enough to do any of those things for a living, I have had the urge to demonstrate my mediocre rapping skills to my friends plenty of times. But how does one do this, you ask.


Simple – RapChat.


RapChat is a new app that recently hit the App Store on June 6. The app was developed by a couple of college students from Ohio University. One of them is a Columbus native named Seth Miller.


Miller wanted to create an app that would be very similar in the way Snapchat works but with more of a creative twist. And what better way to show off creativity than to develop an app that would allow friends to rap battle with one another?


It was a long process, but the app finally launched and now people of all ages are practicing their rhyming skills to each other. After two weeks, the app has been downloaded 1,000 times with more than 1600 raps sent. How does RapChat work? Allow me to explain!


1.Choose a beat.

There are twelve beats to choose from (with more coming in the future update). If one of them isn’t flowing well enough with your rap, on to the next!


2.Record and rap.

If this part scares you a little, that’s okay! No need to be self-conscious or worried what anyone thinks because you get to choose who you send it to.


3.Send to a friend.

Obviously with any app, it’s more fun knowing and having people who also use that same app. So, send a rap to one friend or twenty – it’s up to you!


4.Wait for theirs, listen then reply.

The difference between RapChat and Snapchat? Your raps from your friends are automatically saved within your library, so you can listen to them again. Get ready for some heated battles, my friend.


Here’s a demo video in case you’re more of a visual learner: