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The Social Firm Reviews: Optimize

Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

By Lee Odden

Where to begin? First and foremost, let me tell you that this will not be an easy read. The road to page 229 is littered with technical details and industry vocabulary. I found myself re-reading entire paragraphs in order to comprehend its content. That being said, this book is a treasure trove of marketing information. The book promises a combination of SEO, content development, and social media tactics in order to optimize your companies marketing strategy. While Odden does a good job of covering each category, it is apparent that his specialization is SEO; the search section is the most robust. In fact, the entirety of the literature has an SEO vibe to it. Search marketers rejoice! Odden’s mantra of “if it can be searched, it can be optimized” is felt deeply throughout the literature. Optimize is organized into 3 sections: planning, action, and measurement/review. Odden presents a highly detailed flowchart in which to go about implementing your optimized strategy. The sequence is as follows:

Determine needs -> Set goals -> Examine your resources -> Research -> Create content  Optimize your Search -> Build your social network -> Promotion -> Measurement

Each chapter starts with a description of the topic at hand including terminology and an explanation of the concepts. Then, the bulk of the chapter outlines best practices and methods to accomplish your goals. The last portion details the means in which to measure and record your results. There is a list of action items at the end of each chapter to encourage further research into the subject matter. This book is jam-packed with detailed steps, organized into lists, pertaining to each wing, of each specific category of marketing tactic. Does that sound complex? It should, because each page is a micro-essay in the overall scheme of digital marketing. But it encapsulates everything you can do to truly wrench the most performance from your marketing strategy. Optimize took me longer to read than most books. This is because I had to take in-depth notes to truly understand the subject matter. The industry specific nature and technical presentation of Optimize will deter most casual readers. This is not a book to pick up just for fun. However, Optimize is paper gold for the marketer. Many new ideas will be introduced to your palette, and pre-existing notions will be reinforced. Definitely pick this book up if you have a need for optimizing your marketing performance. More importantly, this book will teach you to optimize your mind and attitude. Don’t forget your pen and notepad. “ Lee Odden is a recognized authority on search, social media, and content marketing. For over fourteen years, he has consulted with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies on how to attract and engage customers with a holistic approach to marketing online. He writes for ClickZ and is editor of, recognized as a leading marketing blog by Advertising Age, Junta42, and Social Media Examiner. Lee has been cited for his expertise by The Economist, Fortune magazine, and Forrester Research. He speaks on integrated SEO, social media, and content marketing topics at conferences around the world including SES, PRSA, BlogWorld, Online Marketing Summit, and Content Marketing World.”

~Optimize Author Bio