Small Business Video Marketing 101

By July 2, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Business, Digital Marketing



You’ve just launched your website and are getting plenty of traffic. Your email listings have grown fairly large and are sent to hundreds and thousands of customers. All is going well and there are plenty of click-throughs… but NO ONE IS BUYING!  You may think, what is going on?  Well, there could be many reasons, in addition to many solutions.


Sometimes all it takes for someone to decide on a purchase is seeing an informative video highlighting what it is the consumer is buying. People need to feel comfortable before making a purchase, and the best way to make them comfortable is to show the product in action.  Depending on what your business is, showing your customers what your product does or can do is important. In the case of our Small Business Inspires Video Series, the video for OH! Chips demonstrates the brand’s product (the chips) being made from start to finish– from cutting the potatoes to seasoning and bagging the chips.


The video allows the customers to appreciate the process of making the chips, and in turn, gives the chips some value. The power of ‘understanding’ is sometimes undervalued.  Yes, it’s nice to keep the mystery on how some things are made, but when people understand how much effort and care it takes to make something, it’s appreciated more and as a result, makes people feel more comfortable on making the purchase. So help make the process easier for your customers and show them the value they are getting.


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