Six Years of the iTunes App Store: Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

By July 14, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Just For Fun

Happy 6th birthday to the iTunes App Store! With over 1.2 million apps and tens of billions of downloads, this is a big deal for the tech world. iTunes revolutionized the smartphone game with its unique store built to house popular apps from social networks, to shopping, to useful gadgets, as well as giving startups a chance to give their app a global name. In honor of this milestone, we bring to you a few wacky apps that you probably didn’t know existed.


For the multitasker

If you’re always on-the-go and can’t seem to separate work from play, Email ‘n Walk is the app for you. When you need to send an email and just don’t have the time to stop and type, you can open the app and type out the message and subject, all while on a transparent screen that you can see your path in front of you through the iPhone camera. When you’re done typing the email, hit ‘send’ and it goes through whatever email client you have on your phone and you can choose your recipient and send away!

Photo credit: iTunes App Store


For the concert-goer

Lighters are a staple at concerts to wave in the air when a heartfelt ballad is playing, but sometimes they can be hard to find in the moment or if the area is too packed, you might not want to accidentally singe the hair of the stranger next to you. With the Virtual Lighter app, you can virtually flip open the top of the lighter and flick the spark wheel to ignite the flame. There are even realistic sound effects to accompany the virtual lighter. Download this app and impress your friends at your next concert.


For the habitual gym avoider

“I should really go to the gym, but I’ll go tomorrow” is a common phrase that I’m sure many of us have said before or have heard others say. If you need some serious motivation to get your butt moving and to the gym, use Gym Shamer. This app is tied to Foursquare and publicly humiliates you through your social media profiles if you don’t meet your goals. You ‘manage your shaming’ by setting the location of your gym and what social networks to ‘shame’ you on, and if you don’t check into your gym on Foursquare as often as you said you would in your goals, the app will post a message to Facebook or Twitter letting all your friends and followers know that you’ve failed to meet your goal. Talk about tough love.

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For the movie fanatic

Let’s face it– it’s not always easy to make it through an entire movie without a bathroom break after drinking a large ICEE. No one likes to worry about what they’re going to miss if they step out from a movie for a few minutes, but don’t worry– there’s an app for that. With Run Pee, you can see what the best times to pee are based off of input from Run Pee’s creator, Dan Florio, and his family, as well as from movie critics. For each ‘peetime’ there is an explanation for why that time was chosen, a synopsis of what you miss and you can even set a timer to make your phone vibrate right before the best time to go. This app is a must-have for movie-goers.


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