Shantel Wolfe’s Last Blog

By January 9, 2015 February 22nd, 2019 Community & Culture
Shantel Wolfe Intern's Final Blog

Sometimes, humans validate themselves by the titles that they hold. Job titles, marital status or personality traits are used as a way to think about who we are and what value we hold in the world.

My title as The Social Firm’s Digital Marketing Intern ends today.

Sleepy Intern
That means it is time to reflect, as we always do when something comes to an end, on my past three months working at my first strategic communication firm.

I learned a lot. I learned a lot about the way a small digital marketing firm works and communicates. I learned how to use several different programs and tools. I learned how to have a client meeting. I learned how to stay awake in early Monday morning meetings (hey I’m not a morning person, alright?)

  • I learned how to balance school, a job, and extra-curricular activities with an internship. I learned how to write a proper blog post.
  • I learned how to set serious and obtainable goals for myself.
  • I learned how to write engaging and interesting copy for social media.
  • I learned what my Meyers-Briggs personality formula is and how that fit into the workplace.
  • I learned that although I usually like to listen more than I converse (and speak only when spoken to), manners are not always the best way to navigate through a creative firm.
  • I learned what worked for certain clients and companies and what didn’t. I learned how to hone my creative, writing, research and social skills.
  • I learned when I thought I wasn’t learning at all.
  • I learned much more about Columbus than I thought I’d ever know by only my second year of living here.

2014 The Social Firm Team Christmas Picture

So with all of my newfound knowledge, I hand over my title as the heavyweight champion of the world otherwise known as the Digital Marketing Intern (I’ve watched too much Rocky).

I can’t wait to see how The Social Firm grows and changes along with all of the other interns that gain the privilege of working here!