See it to Believe it

By May 15, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Social Media

What if I told you that I saw a cat throw its own body to save a young kid from a dog attack? Would you believe me? Probably not. But what if I showed you a video of it happening?


What if I described to you a rabbit eating raspberries? Would you find it cute? Probably not. What if I showed you a video of a rabbit eating a raspberries?


Now it’s adorable. This video got over 6 million views in less than 6 days.

Videos are powerful.

Seeing things with your own eyes leaves a much better impression than hearing about something from a friend or reading about it on the Internet. It’s like the old saying, “Seeing is believing.”

Videos are one of the most influential forms of multimedia– simply because information can get across a lot quicker and there’s visual aid to help clear up any confusing messages.

A personal example that I have for communicating clearly is when I helped make a video for my friends blog, “Kasual Life.”

My friends, Sophia Do and Kathy Nguyen, run the entire Kasual Life blog. As great of writers as they are, people still approached them over and over with the question, “What is Kasual Life?” Surprised by the continued amount of questions they were being asked about Kasual Life, they finally decided to make a video to describe it.

So the Kasual Life team and I came up with some basic concepts and got to work. After a few hours of shooting and editing, the final video was later uploaded and released (which you can watch below). 


In less than a minute, we were able to get across a ton of information about their blog. Some of which was communicated through their voice overs, while other parts through visual representation.

Since the video post, Kasual Life has been invited to numerous bloggers-only events, which has ultimately led to more opportunities for them to grow their blog.

Videos are powerful. They can change your perspective on cats, influence you to get a pet rabbit and feed it raspberries, and encourage you to follow a blog. And if your rabbit doesn’t like raspberries… try bananas!