Refreshing the Short North Pint House Website

By June 26, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Website Design & Development

The Short North Pint House is an American style restaurant and beer garden in the heart of Columbus, OH. In September of 2013, The Social Firm launched a brand new website for the beer garden. The site provided information on food and drinks, special promotions and events to the public.


The digital landscape is constantly changing and the audience demands the same of a brand’s web presence. After 8 months of running live, we decided to refresh the Short North Pint House website


We had 8 months of audience feedback to design our updates around. We also took into account suggestions from the Pint House management staff. These changes were implemented with care to provide benefits to our digital marketing strategy.  


Audience Improvements

Social media chatter revealed what our audience desired most from the website. The audience wanted more notice of the daily happy hour specials. We added a section for this information on the home page to go along with the “Beers in Season” section.


We found that patrons are fond of suggesting beers that they would like to see on tap. We decided to implement a form in which people could request their favorite beers. The new site also features a Beer Poll where patrons could vote for which limited-run beer they would like to see for an extended stay.


One consistent social media trend was that responded very well to food photos. We organized a food photo shoot and uploaded some high quality images to accompany the menu page.


Finally, we found that customers frequently lost their possessions in the bar. There wasn’t a good system in place to help them recover their things. We created a portal on the website in which customers can report their lost items. Management Staff could view these messages, check on the item and get in touch with the customer on the status.


Manager Improvements

After eight months of use, the management team identified one main area where usability could be improved. The staff wanted an easier means in which to receive and respond to party reservations. We created a reservation form in their contact section. The form features several required fields (size of party, desired date, special requests, etc.) which would help the staff expedite the scheduling process.


Marketing Improvements

In the footer, we incorporated a live Twitter feed. We would be able to monitor conversations about the Pint House directly from the website. The constantly updating content would benefit our SEO.  

Overall, these new features provide marketing benefits by allowing us to communicate with the patrons through the website. An optimized front end makes it easier to update information. On the back end, the refreshed website streamlined the process for handling private event requests and handling customer suggestions and questions.


We invite you to give the Short North Pint House ( website a try. Please share your thoughts and feedback!