Quick Guide for 20-Somethings: How to Survive Getting Sick This Fall

By September 18, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Business

Getting sick for a 20-something can be a very scary and daunting situation. Have you thought about it? Our age group is pretty healthy (we are still toddlers in my book), so chances are that other than recovering from a bad hang over, we haven’t really experienced the toll and wreck that a full blown ailment can cause– especially when mom’s not around to take care of us.

Speaking from experience, the life of a twenty-something can be very hectic. We work, we go to grad school, we volunteer, we have other responsibilities and we try to glue it all together with a happy hour, a glass of wine or a beer! Let’s face it, there’s no time or money for us to get sick. 

So what do we do when we get sick? Well, we go into complete denial. We can’t be sick, we are invincible. And so, we show up to work, class, and worse… we go out to that party on Friday night instead of staying home and drinking the good kind of fluids.

And then, the next part happens… the part where you actually have to take you sick days as sick days and waste away in a bed. And no, I don’t mean lying in a lounge chair by the pool.

So today, I will give you a quick guide to help you overcome any bug that can possibly enter the sanctuary your body is and get you back to health with your sanity intact!


I’m sorry to have to break this down for you, but the fact is you are not 18 anymore. Your body needs time to rest and heal. And the older you get, the more time you will need to bounce back. If you are fighting a really bad bug, stay in bed! Being at home and actually resting are two different things. Trust me on this one, not resting will actually make whatever you have last longer.

2. Follow you doctor’s advice, A.K.A. DO NOT GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS, YOU FOOL.

Your doctor knows more than WebMD.com, if you are not getting healthy, call your doc instead of immediately thinking that you have Ebola and starting a national pandemic watch! Don’t be impatient and do what you have to do, freaking out about it won’t help either. (See #1)

3. Hydrate!

Think “worse hangover ever” and act accordingly. Water is your best friend and so are electrolytes.  

4. Don’t stress about the things you are not getting done

Yes, it will suck later when you have to catch up, but worrying will not help. You are not a marvel superhero, accept that you are sick and let things be. Make sure that you communicate effectively with co-workers and professors. Getting sick happens, but giving notice will allow other people to help where they can.

5. Netflix

Marathons, on top of marathons, you know you want it.    

I hope this quick guide can help you overcome any bug you may face this season. I promise I cleaned my hands with antibacterial and sprayed a little something in the air before writing this article. And don’t forget, share this post and we will send you a complimentary packet of Emergen-C. Well, not really, but share it anyways!