New Mobile Business Productivity Tools

By July 23, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Business


Business owners and employees alike understand the importance of productivity and how it relates to professional success. With countless priorities and responsibilities demanding time and attention at any given moment, professionals are constantly on the hunt for new tools to help them decrease time spent on mundane tasks. This allows them to focus on the activities that move their businesses forward and increase their effectiveness among competitors.


Fortunately, mobile application designers continually develop tools to help users eliminate wasted time, organize their work and make greater impacts in their industries.


New Mobile Applications Businesses Should Consider


In 2014, a greater number of mobile business productivity tools have hit the mobile app scene. From managing calendars to collaborating with colleagues to staying abreast of industry news, these exciting new applications present valuable tools for professionals in every industry.


New mobile applications to help increase business and individual productivity include:


1.      Doodle. This collaborative scheduling tool allows multiple users to communicate their availability for one or more pre-defined meeting slots. Rather than wading through hundreds of emails and trying to arrange a suitable time, users can easily see which meeting time will work for everyone, saving time and confusion.


2.      iCal. For professionals struggling with time management, this application provides a simple solution. Utilize the easy-to-use calendar tool to schedule important to-do list items into your day rather than writing them down on a piece of paper that you will most likely misplace and hoping you’ll remember to complete them later.


3.      Evernote. Does your job require taking (and organizing) extensive notes? If so, this application is a lifesaver. It makes saving notes and web pages easier than ever and the application transitions seamlessly between desktops and mobile devices. The company even offers Evernote-enabled Moleskine journals to add a technological twist to those who enjoy old-fashioned pen-and-paper note-taking.


4.      Quip. Companies increasingly require tools to help multiple users weigh in on collaborative documents. Quip accomplishes this by creating work groups in which employees can work together rather than just exchange ideas via email. Users can send and receive attachments and also work on documents when offline.


5.      HipChat. Eschewing the use of server technology, this “cross-platform” application provides an easier way for business professionals to manage email messages and increase productivity. By facilitating emails between individuals, among groups and on any device, HipChat ensures that users don’t let important messages fall between the cracks.


6.      LinkedIn Pulse. One of the most important ways to achieve business success is to keep up with the latest industry news and advice. With this professional social news app, professionals can personalize the news they receive from thought leaders in their fields without having to sift through less relevant material. Easy article sharing also helps users expand and interact with their social networks.


Although each of these mobile tools may not be useful to everyone, they represent only a portion of the wide variety of applications business users should explore. They can’t attend a board meeting or conduct a sales call, but they can certainly help maximize what users can accomplish on a daily basis.


At little to no cost for each download, these tools provide minimal risk and potentially high rewards. Try one or more of them today to make life – and work – easier.


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