Mobile Software as Content

By October 21, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Website Design & Development

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As technology continues to become more accessible, content becomes more sophisticated. With endless distractions forced upon your audience, marketers need a new way to cut through the clutter. This makes way for the rise of mobile software as content.

In the past decade of digital media, content has mainly been constrained to articles. This has worked because articles are easy to share, quickly consumable and usually provide some entertainment value. Some marketers have used these articles to establish brand authority. Others tailor it to inspire conversions. But something has changed recently. The Social Media platform has been inundated with content. In the rush to drive traffic, many outlets rush to put out material, quality or not. This has resulted in increased impressions, but less brand recognition and conversions (save for the top 10% of brands). The overall effect of this is that the audience has become de-sensitized to these messages. A truly shocking article might capture the attention for a moment, but then they are on to seek the next rush.

So how can you truly hold someone’s attention long enough to get your message across? You need to become more interactive. As you’ve probably seen, brands are creating software to serve as interactive content for their services. For instance, Sherwin Williams has ColorSnap-– a mobile app that allows users to create custom colors for their home. These color swatches can be brought into a Sherwin Williams retail store and matched with any of their available colors. Rather than share an article on how people can choose colors for their home, they created a tool to allow users to do so themselves. It’s so simple yet so effective.

Our agency has been working on a similar app for Rite Rug Flooring. The Flooring at Your Fingertips mobile app is a visualization tool that allows users to see what flooring styles will look like in their home before they buy. It takes the guess work out of shopping for new flooring. By providing interesting content and a practical use, we can increase the likelihood of customer conversion through our software.

This is the perfect intersection between technology and creative. Bring your brand experience to life using visual, audio and interactive elements. Let the audience make a purchasing decision on their own. You just need to provide them with a tool that will make the decision easy.