Is Instagram the New Form of Print Marketing?

By July 30, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Social Media

Did you know that Instagram is often compared to print marketing? Today, let’s learn how you can use these particular characteristics to improve your social presence on Instagram.



As you may know, Instagram does not allow you to add clickable links to individual posts. Just like a print ad, you have to be memorable enough to make a positive impression with your audience.

PRO TIP: Edit your “website link” on Instagram often. You can add a link to your most recent blog post, YouTube video or landing page. You can then tell your audience to go to your bio to learn more about a specific post. 



Print ads are historically considered less intrusive than other types of advertisement. Likewise, on Instagram, people have already made the decision to follow you, which means that when they are looking at your photos, the chances of interruption decrease.

PRO TIP: Follow your followers back and like their pictures often to reciprocate their actions. You will not regret it!



Great print ads usually have a very clear and concise message. Similarly, you should strive to convey an easy to understand and clear message every time you post to Instagram. Remember that you want your audience to understand the message in one swipe.

PRO TIP: Add some text to your Instagram photos from time to time. This will allow the user to get the most important part of the message without having to read the caption. 





Print ads are all about the number of impressions they make. Print campaigns strategically place ads in different places that their target audience might come across to make sure that consumers remember the message.  On Instagram, it is important to take the same approach and to add a little creativity to it. Make sure that you have a posting schedule and themes to go with your monthly plan.

PRO TIP: Run different campaigns on different days, and rotate them every month. Our Small Business Inspires Series is a good example. We posted a video on Instagram every Wednesday for a month. The next month we continued to share videos, but this time for a different series.



Every campaign you run should have some type of key performance indicators to help you make adjustments to your strategies. When we look at print marketing results, we pay attention to magazines sold, products bought, etc. For Instagram, we look at likes and interactions. Go back to your posts and see which ones are the crowd’s favorites! Try to understand what made those specific posts successful and use that information in your favor.

PRO TIP: Use unique hashtags to measure how well received your brand is. Prompt your audience to use the same hashtag to categorize a post of their own that relates to your message. 


Finally, always remember the usual suspects! Color, texture, shape and creativity. Your Instagram posts have to be visually appealing and they have to stand out. Don’t forget the basics, and your audience won’t forget you. Follow The Social Firm on Instagram and let us know what you think!