An Interview with The Social Firm’s Office Manager, Jenni Light

By January 16, 2015 February 22nd, 2019 Community & Culture
Jenni Light Office Manager Blog

What is your role at The Social Firm?

My title at The Social Firm is Office Manager, but having this title often means having many other titles around the office as well: housewife, mom, receptionist, janitor, filing clerk, HR coordinator, printer/copier technician, event planner, jokester, accountant, counselor, bill collector, interior decorator and the list goes on.

And, just like at home, you have some chores you don’t mind and others you would rather push to the side. My favorite projects are definitely the ones that make people smile or laugh or help to ease the tension of work. I truly believe that having fun and laughing at yourself should happen daily; so why not include your coworkers in on the fun?

What do you do to keep the morale up at the office?

I will occasionally do little pranks or put silly pictures or quotes up around the office as a way to keep spirits up.

Whether it’s putting a light-up disco ball in the bathroom, a funny picture of our boss dressed up as a dancing elf in the conference room or a sticker that says “Gotcha!” on the sensor underneath of someone’s computer mouse,  it’s fun to get people laughing.

So about those TSF birthdays….

Getting people to laugh or smile is great, but making someone feel special is the best. Another big thing for us here at The Social Firm is birthdays. We are always having office potlucks or celebrating holidays as a team, but when it’s your birthday, it’s your day and I like treating it as special as possible.

I know a lot of people that take off work on their birthdays, but around here, people usually take off the day after because celebrating your big day here is a HUGE event. I always go out and buy decorations that fit the person’s personality or interests, and the night before their birthday a couple of us will come in after hours and decorate their entire desk area with lots of streamers, balloons, cutouts, signs, a present and card from everyone at the office, not to mention the big potluck breakfast and lunch we all bring in. So coming in that next morning and seeing the huge smile of one of my coworkers is the best. They put their birthday hat on and it’s a day full of fun, laughs, and of course, cake.

Tell us about your personality testing project at The Social Firm?

In every company you have a wide variety of personalities and trying to mesh them isn’t always easy– especially when it comes to communicating with each other. This past summer I had our team take a personality test and after interpreting everyone’s results, I held a luncheon in our conference room and we learned a little about ourselves and everyone we work with.

You may be an Extravert and full of energy or an Introvert and a bit more reserved; maybe a Sensor or Intuitive, a Thinker or Feeler, a Judger or Perceiver; and knowing others, you must first know yourself. Of the 16 personality types, we have 6 different personalities among the people in our office. What we learned from this exercise is that knowing how we all operate can make a world of difference in how we communicate and build success for our company and our clients.

So, to sum it all up, why do you like what you do?

When asked why I like what I do…it’s easy!!  I work with an amazing team of people. I have worked at many other places and you always have that 1 or 2 people, (maybe more ;)) that you would rather not work with that day or even communicate with. But truthfully, I would work with any one of these individuals any day.  We are different in so many ways, but we all bring the best out of each other and most of all, we bring fun to TSF every day.