How to Start the Next Viral Video Sensation

By July 3, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Reputation


This week’s theme at The Social Firm is video production! Whether you work at an agency or you own a business, there might be times when you will come across a video project. Either you will be a decision maker, part of the brainstorming team, or you will be in need of this type of media to promote your brand.  


Of course you want this video to be a success, and let’s not forget the buzz word here – you also want your video to go viral. But setting that aside, every video project has a starting point. Today, I am here to tell you how to begin the process.


So, to get you excited about this topic, I will start by saying that although most of us do not consider ourselves video experts, we are however experts at consuming and watching videos, which makes us experts in knowing what we like and don’t like to see!


This perspective can give you an edge when you are helping a client put their vision into video form or when you are communicating to an agency what you would like to see to promote your brand. I always look at it from this angle when I am helping my clients or when I want to give input during a video project.


To help you be more successful at communicating during the creation process of a video project, I put together a couple of tips to make sure you don’t miss a thing and that you can get your message across.


For Clients:

When you are answering questions, use as many descriptors as you can, try to “paint a picture” for the agency. This will make it easier for them, and the final product will be closest to your vision.

Come prepared to the meeting. Make sure that previous to the meeting you and other decision makers have brainstormed and come to a decision about what you are looking for together. Having direction from the beginning will help you be happier with the final product.

Write down your ideas. Don’t let your message get lost in translation. Write a couple of sentences about your vision for the video before the meeting. Having your goal in mind will help everyone stay on track.  

Look for visual examples. Sometimes if you don’t know the terms of certain effects you want to see in the video, it is easy to show the agency. Find a couple of videos that inspire you and that have the elements you want to see.


For the Agency:

Ask your clients the right background questions. Try to understand their vision and their brand.

Take notes; don’t rely on your memory because chances are you will forget most details.

Ask for examples of videos from the client to help you understand their vision.

Brainstorm with your team. Sometimes it is good to bring in someone from outside the video team for fresh ideas!


When it comes to creating an appealing video, always think of elements that will help you enhance your product and brand. But don’t forget about your audience and what they would like to see. Finally, to get your creative juices flowing, I will leave you with some of my favorite originals from The Social Firm.








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