Go Live: All Secured Responsive Site

By July 7, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Website Design & Development

Recently, The Social Firm was given the task of creating a new website for our client, All Secured Security Services, LLC. A good website needs to be both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, and it was our goal to bring these qualities to life within their website. Here’s a behind the scenes look at All Secured’s website transformation.


Enhanced User Experience 

One of All Secured’s main goals for the new site was to improve user experience for customers. Without a user-friendly site, people are likely to pass on your business. If your website can’t help them, how can you? One feature that helps to create a better user experience is the new ‘Free Quote’ page. The new page has a more inviting stage and includes important company information right next to the ‘Free Quote’ form. There is also a prevalent link on the homepage to the ‘Free Quote’ page as well, making it easier than ever to navigate.





Cleaner look

A clean, updated look is crucial to a successful website. A website needs to look inviting, and the homepage is what gives the first impression. Instead of a generic ‘Services’ tab like on the old site, the new site now offers visual display tabs for each service category with more specific services listed within each when you scroll over them. The All Secured logo has also been updated to coincide with the new website design.





Passes the “Squint Test”

The “Squint Test” is something used by web designers to determine if their website design stands out to consumers at first glance. When you squint your eyes, the website will naturally look blurry, but there should still be graphics and other call-to-action elements that stand out on the page to viewers. With the All Secured website, these elements are the graphics for the various services up top, the slide feature in the middle and the ‘Free Quote’ button next to it. This is where the viewer’s main focus should be.


New responsive web design

A cool new feature to the All Secured website is its use of a responsive web design. What this means is that no matter what size you adjust the website window to, it resizes the content to automatically fit, specifically for mobile. When the window size adjusts, you see the graphics disappear and a dropdown menu take their place at the top which is used for navigation instead. While this feature can be used on a computer as well, it is especially important in creating a highly functional website in a world where people are using their mobile devices now more than ever to look at websites.


A clean, user-friendly website is crucial for businesses since it is often the first impression of the company to the consumer. What do you think the most important elements of a website are? Tweet at us or share with us in the comments below!