Get to Know Web Developers and Designers in Columbus Through Professional Groups

By June 27, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Community & Culture, Website Design & Development


If you thought the world of website development and design was small in Columbus, think again. There are many professional groups that cater to these careers, and even some more niche groups as well, such as those for women only. From a small business standpoint, it is beneficial to reach out to these groups as a resource to learn more about how creative fits into your business goals. Here are some professional groups from Columbus that are sure to offer great insight into the growing field and help you remain a competitive player in your given industry.


Girl Develop It

There are multiple Girl Develop It chapters across the country, including the one in Columbus. This professional group is for women since they are severely the minority when it comes to the developer community (it’s up to 91% male, according to their website). GDI Columbus has a few meetups a month where women of all levels in the field can collaborate together on coding projects, network with each other, and even learn about coding from the beginning. This is a great place to look to for advice on coding for your company’s website.


Columbus Society of Communicating Arts

The Columbus Society of Communicating Arts has been around since 1970 and has grown immensely over the years. This is a great group to check out since it caters to multiple different fields under the communicating arts umbrella, such as designers, writers, illustrators and photographers. With so many disciplines in one professional group, you are bound to walk out of a networking event with plenty of helpful advice and new ideas. They meet about once a month for a social hour and a presentation by someone influential in the industry.


Columbus Web Group

The Columbus Web Group is another good place to start to connect with web developers or even to dive into the web development world yourself. They meet once a month and are open to professionals and students of all skill levels. Their meetups typically consist of networking, a presentation by local marketing and web development professionals, and a Q&A session. Attending these meetings would be a good way to stay up to date on the newest technologies and to collaborate with others on various projects.


Whether you are interested in networking, seeking advice from web developers and designers or wanting to learn how to tackle these types of projects yourself, take the time to learn more about web development and design and how it can impact your company’s success. What advice can you share about the importance of website design and development? Tweet at us or leave a comment below!