Fun Ways to Increase Your Productivity in the Office

By July 21, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Business


Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to be productive at the office, but it’s a necessity. Now more than ever, companies are helping to increase their employees’ productivity levels with new initiatives and interesting alternatives to everyday work. Believe it or not, these are some proven ways to increase productivity in the workplace.


Get a better seat

Sitting down for hours upon hours a day can be detrimental to your health. It’s important to move around throughout the day to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving, but having a better seat can help, too. Some offices even go so far as to have treadmill desks, so you can literally move while you work. While this isn’t realistic for most offices, sitting on yoga balls or even standing for a little bit can be beneficial to your health and increase your productivity by providing a healthier lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This ‘fact’ brought to you by Dwight from The Office


Take a break

To have a productive work environment, there should be a healthy balance of work and play. This can even be done in the office by celebrating employee birthdays, anniversaries and accomplishments. Taking a break out of the day can help to recharge employees, making them more productive. Going on fun work outings during the day, doing volunteer or community service projects or simply just grabbing a quick lunch with some coworkers can go a long way.


Listen to music

Music helps to get the creative juices flowing and this applies to the workplace, too. Listening to music helps to increase your ability to recall data and stimulates the part of the brain that’s associated with attention. If you’re working on monotonous tasks, listening to some music can help to energize you as well. Whether you’re having a solo jam session with headphones in or sharing different music tastes with your part of the office, music is good for the soul and work productivity.

Bring your pet

Taking your furry (or scaly or slimy) companion to work with you has been proven to increase workplace productivity. Seriously. According to studies, pets help to lower cortisol levels which decrease stress, leading to a more productive work environment and a generally more positive experience at work. Pets at work also offer the opportunity for “walking meetings” which serve as a way to communicate with co-workers while getting out of the office to walk the dogs. These meetings help increase productivity and creativity all while allowing employees to get some physical activity and fresh air at work.


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