Fashion Meets Music Festival: Fest Guide

By August 21, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Just For Fun



The Fashion Meets Music Festival is just 8 days away! This festival– the first of its kind in Columbus– will bring together the best in live music with the latest in fashion and retail; all in an urban environment.

“Music inspires fashion, fashion inspires music.”

The festival is rife with big names like Rusko, Paper Diamond, Cold War Kids, O.A.R., Switchfoot, New Found Glory and Destructo. We also get to experience some great local acts such as Captain Kidd, Sassafraz, Mojoflo, Blueprint and Hafrican. The lineup for fashion designers includes. Free Clothing, Anti-Label, InkAddict, Phyllis + Hazel, Rox + Royalty and many more.

Most live performances and fashion shows are FREE and will take place at various destinations downtown, such as A&R Bar, Park Street Patio, Skully’s, The Basement and the Stella Artois Stage at McFerson Commons. Headliners like Rusko and Paper Diamond will be playing ticketed shows at the LC Pavilion.

To round out the festival experience, there will be some fun activities to spend your time on. One of the biggest draws is the Urban Camping. Festers will have the chance to rest their heads in the lot behind the LC. A Retail Marketplace will be held at the Convention Center. Here, you will find local, national and international shops and boutiques to peruse. You can also sit in on educational panels, ride a gondola or cruise a zip line around Nationwide Boulevard!

Okay, now that you know a bit about the festival, let’s get into some basics to help you maximize your fest experience!


This is always the golden rule at fests. There is no greater commodity than gold ol’ H20. It will keep you healthy and energetic throughout your experience. With all of the walking and dancing that you’ll be doing, you’re going to sweat. One of the biggest dangers at a festival isn’t drugs or violence; it’s plain old dehydration. So make sure to bring a water bottle or Camelbak and stop for water every so often.


Fests are always more fun with a group. FMMF takes place in downtown Columbus-– a huge urban environment. It’s easy to lose your friends and end up alone somewhere. Don’t let this happen to you! Set a central meeting place in case anyone gets separated. For the sake of convenience, how about North Market? It’s a nice, recognizable location. “Why not just use my cellphone to call someone?” you might be thinking. Well, when there are thousands of people confined in a small space, cell phone reception goes right out the door. Set a meeting place!


With all these excellent acts and fashion shows in town, how do you choose what to see? I know the natural instinct is to make a strict schedule to adhere to, hopping from venue to venue. However, I’m telling you to throw those plans out and just go with the flow. You can definitely set a few must-see acts for yourself. But for the rest of your time, just float with the natural current. This helps you discover new things. You also enjoy each experience more by freeing yourself of the rigid time constraints.


There’s nothing better than when an artist plays a song you love (i.e. recognize). Check out some of the acts beforehand. There’s a Spotify playlist on the FMMF website which includes hits from a bunch of the featured artists. Play this on repeat for a few days before the fest. First, you might find something new that you like. Second, when one of these artists plays a song you know, we guarantee you’ll perk up at the show!


Finally, to maximize your enjoyment of the fest, remember to keep your mind open. I’m not telling you to blindly say yes to everything being offered, but definitely be willing to experience new things. Have you always wanted to dress up in a ridiculous outfit in public? Go for it, it’s a festival! Are you strictly a hip-hop fan, but there’s a country band playing that seems interesting? Saddle up! Do you have the urge to zip 250 feet above the city scape from building to building? Okay, maybe re-consider. And then do it anyway! Even if you didn’t enjoy it, you can still say that you tried it.

Keep these 5 tips in mind for Labor Day weekend and you’ll have an awesome time at the Fashion Meets Music Festival. See you there!