A Story about Storytelling

By October 1, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Reputation
Marketers are always hustling to get people talking about brands. The challenge is, where does that customer touch point happen? Where does it unfold? As marketing evolves in digital, we are reacting to customers’ needs on what attracts them to companies. We used to think it was the product or feature, and although that helps, something was missing. There is a story within each company that goes deeper than the product; it starts with its mission and purpose. Marketers want to set clients (and their own businesses) up for success. So the question is, how do you know a company has a story? Once you find the story, how does one tell it?
From motivational speakers, to aspirational CEOs, all the way to small business owners, here is a roundup of some characteristics needed to tell a good story:


  • Create customer-company touch points that demonstrate communication, service, honesty and a relationship.


  • Find little ‘ah-ha’ moments woven together to create an experience.


  • Focus on the everyday people that are affected by your industry: what are they thinking, dreaming, and struggling with? What are they empowered by every day?


  • Walk in your customer’s shoes. Gauge interest and ask them – is this something that would be of interest to them and the community they represent?


  • Discover the emotions that inspire people to take action: a cause, sense of self, personal drive.


  • Share the journey and strive to help people. Find celebration in the solutions.
Where does one start to build this foundation? I heard this question at a recent Summit and it has stuck with me, “What is your WHY?” Start there. Take a product, an event, the company culture, and make it personal. That is what will make you unique, because out of all of the products and business competing; no one shares your story. Own it, tell it, share it.
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