8 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Agency

By March 6, 2013 February 22nd, 2019 Social Media
Why should my company hire an agency for our social media needs?

When a business decides to engage in social media outreach, they must choose between hiring an internal specialist or a social media agency. There are benefits to either side of the coin. A business must consider its specific needs and determine its course of action based on achievable goals.


In a field where the rules are constantly changing, your business needs a dynamic team with the proper training and experience to succeed in your social media goals. Here are 8 reasons why you should outsource your businesses social media needs to a professional agency.

8. Dedication

You could definitely delegate your business's social media duties to a current employee as part of their existing responsibilities, but social media is a full time job; you want someone who can dedicate their entire focus to your social presence. This means responding to customers and fans, creating content around buzz terms as they are trending, constantly monitoring social feeds, etc.

7. Ability to Train Others

An agency professional has the ability to train and instruct other individuals on best social media practices. They can share some basic skills with your current employee base to help them get involved in your social media efforts.

6. Cost-Effective

A social media agency offers the best cost-to-benefit ratio. On top of a salary, hiring an internal social media specialist requires training, benefits, sick-time, vacation allowance, etc. You won't need to absorb any of these additional costs when utilizing a social media agency.

5. Access to the Best Tools and Software

A social media agency has specialized knowledge of a wide array of social media tools and software.  Agency professionals are always testing out new tools to find out what works best for a particular situation. Since your agency is always at the cutting-edge, they probably have partnerships or working relationships with the developers who make these tools.

4. Depth of Knowledge

Agency professionals possess knowledge of social media practices across multiple industries, allowing for a wider picture and better overall experience. This balanced background allows for a more confident, informed approach when handling your business's social media.

3. Multiple Skill Sets

Agency professionals within an agency can draw expertise from other digital marketing fields such as SEO, web development, reputation management and business development.  Interdisciplinary collaboration helps create a an all-encompassing approach to social media and improves your digital marketing as a whole.

2. Team

Generally, an agency has a team devoted to social media, equating to a deeper pool of skills and training. An agency professional can collaborate with his/her team to gather insights from other social media specialists. It's always better to have more input when embarking new campaigns and strategies.

1. Experience

Experience in all of these areas allow for quicker action, better results and more accurate tracking. It's always said that practice makes perfect. Agency professionals are always on the grind for their client(s). They can approach your social media needs with a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and just how to get there. When it comes to social media, experience is essential in keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of the digital marketplace.


We've gathered all of this information into an infographic for easier digestion!