4 Sure-Fire Ways Technology Can Improve Your Workplace Environment

By July 18, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Business


We are immersed in an age of technology and for businesses hoping to maintain their competitive edge– there’s no looking back to the days of the Rolodex and floppy disks. Whether your team is effortlessly tech-savvy or trailing shortly behind, there are a few ways you should be incorporating technology into your workplace environment to improve communications and enhance productivity. Following are 4 sure-fire ways you can use technology to your advantage at the office.  


The Power of Tablets

This touch-screen companion has endless functionality perks for busy professionals on the move. The mobility of these devices and the ability to easily store documents and presentations makes them ideal for meetings, presentations and events outside of the office. Whereas laptops and smartphones can present challenges when on the go, tablets enable employees to access and relay information simply and easily. They also expand the way businesses can interact with clients or customers through tools that function to sign documents and process payments. Tablet technology can be a cost-effective enhancement to daily operations and is a step in the right direction for many businesses.


Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are a great way to keep clients, partners and employees on the same page, especially when location differences make in-person communications costly and impractical. They also offer the opportunity to expand reach and share expertise through host webinars, press conferences and consulting hours. The best way to conduct these meetings is to prepare in advance. Work out as many of the technological kinks as possible prior to the meeting—that includes connectivity, audio, webcam and speaker. Check out various tools that can help you meet your needs effectively. For example, Google Hangouts allows you to maintain face-to-face interactions, share presentations and collaborate on documents. Whether used internally or to reach an outside network, virtual meetings are a great tool to work around the challenges of remote locations.  


Project Managements and Time Tracking Software

Using project management tools is one way to stay productive and collaborate with your co-workers. Time tracking software allows you to be in-tune with how much time you are spending on various tasks and projects. When project management and time tracking tools are used together, you can easily manage and track day-to-day tasks while following the lifecycle of a project. There are a number of online project management tools and time tracking software available. Explore your options! At The Social Firm, we use Asana and Harvest on a daily basis.


The Cloud

Cloud computing is a digital workspace in which files can be stored and accessed at any time using any device. This is a useful route for businesses because it can help you save time and hassle by housing everything you need in a central space. Working in the cloud arena has many benefits because it reduces security risks by backing up data off-site, easing collaboration and eliminating the need for disks or space considerations on devices. One example of a cloud space that we use regularly at The Social Firm is Google Docs. This is found in the Google Drive and it gives users the ability to create, edit and collaborate on documents in real-time.


These are just a few of the approaches you can take to enhance the technology use in your office. What tech tools do you use in your workplace? Tweet at us or leave us a comment below!