4 Daily Reminders for Every Copywriter

By November 7, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Digital Marketing

You live to write compelling copy that connects with people, treating every little word with a bit of carefully-thought-out TLC. But as a content marketer, stretching your mind in a million different ways for a million different projects every day can really exhaust your creative energy. When you are running on empty, you can refresh your skills by turning to some helpful resources throughout the day that will guide you out of your rut. Following are a few reminders for every copywriter.

Educate Yourself

Carving out 15-20 minutes of your morning or afternoon to catch up with a little reading can go a long way in furthering your craft. One great tool for copywriters is Copyblogger, which provides a mecca of value for content marketers with articles, Ebooks, webinars, forums and seminars all geared at helping you improve your approach to content development. Copyblogger pulls apart the copywriting process from various angles giving you up-to-date insight on what’s working and not working in the content marketing scene. From tips on writing to advice on connecting with your audience, this is one place you’ll want to check in with regularly.

Inspire Your Creativity

While broadening your ‘life experiences’ is probably the best way to expand your mind and encourage your writing creativity, making time to try all of the new things you’d like to isn’t always the easiest. When you need some quick inspiration, take a cue from others who are doing it right. Spend some time surfing big brands online and study how they’ve found a way to connect their brand to people through content. What is it that you like about their style of content? What is it that makes their message stand out to you? By observing what other people are doing right and how their messages make you feel, you can translate those lessons into your own copywriting. Here’s a list of ‘10 companies that totally nail copywriting’ to keep your eyes on.

Step Up Your Vocab

When you are constantly crafting copy it’s easy to start falling into the “old usual.” Challenge yourself to expand your vocabulary so that you can find new and interesting ways to impact your audience. Enhancing your vocabulary is not exactly about using large or overly sophisticated words that your audience won’t relate to, but about saying something in a smart and savvy way. In your spare time, read as much as you can—especially novels. This is a great way to open your mind to new ways of saying things. Also, try making time to learn a new word every day. You never know when the word you learn could come in handy down the road. Check out Vocabulary.com to get started!

Check Your Grammar

And finally, stay sharp on your grammar and the basics of punctuation and word usage. This one may seem like a given—but when shuffling out content all day every day, it’s the easiest one to slip through the cracks. Hold yourself accountable by double checking things you aren’t 100% sure about. If something you’re writing is just not flowing the correct way or you’re having a lapse in sentence mechanics, find a different way to say the same thing. When I need a quick refresher, I look to Grammar Girl. There are lots of resources online that offer quick tips to punctuation, grammar and word usage. Don’t be afraid to use them!

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