3 Ways to Utilize QR Codes in the Service Industry

By June 4, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Search Engine Marketing



QR Codes have been around for years, but some companies still don’t understand the benefits they can reap from utilizing them. The service industry is one industry in particular that can experience success from using this tiny tool. Here are three ways that the service industry should be using QR codes to make accessing their website easier.


1) Back of the vehicle

While we don’t recommend trying to scan the QR code on a moving vehicle, if you see one parked somewhere and would like more information about their company, feel free to scan away. This is a simple way to give information out to the public if someone sees, for instance, a utility truck out and about and they want to know more about the company.


2) Receipts

Another good place to put QR codes is on receipts. A lot of times, people save receipts for their records, especially when they have services done on their home or car. If the customer needs another service done again or want to check to see if the company performs other services that are needed in the future, they can just take the receipt and scan the QR code to lead them quickly to the website.


3) Business cards

On business cards, you can usually find the name, address, phone number and website/social links for the company. Instead of having to locate the website themselves, it would be easier for the client to just use the QR reader on their mobile device to lead them right to it. This will cause current customers and potential customers to feel more at ease with accessing their website. Also, as an added bonus, people can share the business card with friends if they recommend the company’s services just by having them scan the QR code.


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