3 Reasons to Utilize Guest Blogging

By May 23, 2014 February 22nd, 2019 Search Engine Marketing


While some think that guest blogging should be a retired form of writing, the truth is that the practice is still alive and prosperous. Guest blogging not only benefits the blogger, but it benefits all parties involved. Let us share some of the reasons why guest blogging is beneficial:


Builds your network

Guest blogging is a two-way relationship that enables you to produce and share content equally. By allowing people to guest blog for your site (and vice versa), you are instantly building your network as well as theirs. This is a great way for both sides to get their name out in the blogging world, increase online exposure and gain authority on a certain topic.


Generates more traffic to your website

When you are a guest blogger, one of your goals is to generate more traffic to your site by sharing relevant links back to it in the body of the blog. It is also common to include an author bio at the end of the guest blog with links to personal social media profiles or your own blog or website. It’s important to pay attention to SEO in order to increase your search ranking when creating your blog post.


Potential to gain new clients

By allowing a legitimate blogger to guest blog on your site, you are making another connection that could lead to gaining a new client. Realistically, that person will be promoting their blog that they wrote for your site, which in turn will be an automatic promotion for you to their audience.


There are many ways guest blogging can impact your online presence. How has it been beneficial for you or your brand? Tweet at us or leave us a comment below!