2015 Digital Marketing Predictions

By January 7, 2015 February 22nd, 2019 Search Engine Marketing, Social Media
2015 Digital Marketing Predictions

At the closing of one year, digital thought leaders love to publish thoughts on how digital marketing will change in the new one. Some trends are common and are found in every opinion piece but others offer a unique perspective. The secret, however, is that no one truly knows what direction digital marketing is taken. Tools and technology that will rule digital marketing in a few years most likely haven’t been created yet. Still, predicting can help your business to be ahead of the game and stay educated.

Where will digital marketing go in 2015?Digital Marketing Outlook

  • SEO: Branded and direct traffic continue to be a growing factor in positioning on search engines. Google might be able to index image assets and video assets in 2015 and consider them in their ranking algorithm.
  • Brands’ approach will be more focused on conversation, and less about campaigns and conversions. I think now that EdgeRank and other content algorithms surface on social networks, brands will be smarter about the content they push out. Three words for micro content: concise, personality and authentic.
  • Content: When it comes to social media content, I see 2015 as less is more, with a particular focus on analytics and quality content. Copywriters developing content will really pull apart the analytics to understand what’s working and not working when developing content.
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