Keyword & Key Phrase Research

What Are Consumers Typing in the Search Bar?

It doesn't make much difference how much work you put into a new website if you don't know what consumers are searching for. Keyword and key phrase research helps ensure that you are not missing out on popular searches for your industry and that you are delivering useful information to your searching consumers. By integrating these targeted phrases into your content development, your website can reach higher rankings. But it takes experience to determine the keywords and key phrases that work.
At The Social Firm, our Search Team works hard to provide you with the most relevant keywords that fit with your business profile -- so once customers reach your site, they will be more prone to to convert and become a new lead for your business. These keyword choices are often a combination of your services, how people are searching for you and your geographic area. After analyzing and sorting through months upon years of consumer search data and trends, we can construct a content strategy that incorporates your key performance indicators (KPIs) to generate the quality traffic and qualified leads you are looking for.
Our content development and copywriting team works closely with your staff to develop compelling and useful content that conveys your business message and is easily searchable to consumers on the hunt for your products or services. We understand how search engines work and have an experienced staff of writers who serve as connectors between brand, audience and search engine to create well-written website copy and blogs meant for people while ranking in search engines.
Gaining website traffic and visibility through search engines is an important part of your company’s digital marketing strategy, and keyword and key phrase research is never fully complete. When your campaign is under way, it is critical that we track and react to the data we collect from your website traffic by closely monitoring the results and adjusting your campaign as necessary. It is this detailed and technical approach to search marketing that makes us a trusted SEO company nationally and in the Columbus, Ohio area. For more information on keyword and key phrases research for your business or brand, contact The Social Firm today.
Keyword & Key Phrase Research

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