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Every well executed search engine marketing campaign starts with analysis and measurement of current performance. By taking the time for analytics and reporting, you can better maximize the effectiveness of your web presence while also optimizing your ROI efforts. 
At The Social Firm, our Search Team is focused on gathering all of the important information needed for strong analytics and reporting to help your business be search-friendly. We understand that careful search marketing analysis is not only obvious for generating sales and finding new leads, but it also offers immense insight into search trends and what your customers’ preferences are. 
In order to help our clients achieve successful results, we perform a well-developed search marketing strategy. Starting with an analysis of your current search listing, we determine where your site currently ranks, the traffic you are currently receiving, who your competitors are, where they rank and which targeted and key phrases drive qualified leads to your business.
Once your campaign is under way, it is critical that we track and react to the data we collect from your website traffic by closely monitoring the results. This data tells us where your visitors are coming from, which keywords or key phrases users type to find your site, how long users stay on your site and which pages they visit. Furthermore, we are able to track the links created to your website from other websites. As this number grows, your link popularity will increase because sites with more useful information and more links will obtain higher ranking.
Analytics and reporting are important parts in starting your search marketing efforts on the right foot. At The Social Firm, we take an aggressive approach to link building, saturating local and genre specific directories, forums, blogs and articles with useful information that contains a link to your website. We also monitor your AdWords campaigns closely, adjusting as necessary to help ensure that you receive a quality score and overall high performance. 
The Social Firm Search Team stays up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques to optimize your search marketing campaign efforts. It is our detailed and technical approach to search marketing that makes us a trusted SEO company nationally and in the Columbus, Ohio area. For more information on search marketing and our analytics and reporting, contact us today to learn how to get started.
Search Analytics & Reporting

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